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Dynamic Pivot Tensioner Part Number Generator

 The York part number for your tensioner is:  DP4UB-F100A42-B23PE-ACS   
This is an IN STOCK, ready to ship tensioner.
  Dynamic Pivot Tensioner
Size:  4
Bushing Type:  Sliding bushing with hardware
Idler pulley profile:  Flat (no grooves)
Dia (if flat) or #of grooves:  1 inch
Idler pulley material:  Aluminum
Idler pulley width:  .42 inches wide
 .42in is stock idler pulley width, others available as made to order
Bearing type:  Ball bearing (sealed)
Clearance height:  .23 inches clearance under idler pulley
Hardware head type:  Phillips
Thread type:  10-32 threads, .50 inches long
Arm movement:  Counterclockwise (anti-clockwise) arm movement from base
Spring strength:  Standard - up to 5 pounds force on belt
Shaft length:  Standard
In Stock:  In stock, ready to ship tensioner


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