Engineering Information

Tolerances, specifications, and design guidelines for timing belt drives.


Timing Pulleys, Tensioners, Pulley Stock, and Flanges

Design Guidelines

Shaft-Saver™ Timing Pulleys

York Shaft Saver™ Timing Pulleys prevent the usual shaft damage caused by set screws, allowing easy replacement or re-adjustment of timing pulleys in the field.

PowerGrip GT2 and GT3

A higher-performance tooth design for applications where accuracy is critical, such as computer printers and storage equipment, robotics, and medical diagnostic equipment.

TruMotion Timing Belts

A precision non-marking, ultra clean belt available in 2 mm GT, 3 mm GT, 3 mm HTD, 5 mm HTD, .080", 1/5", and 3/8" tooth profiles for use where cleanliness is critical. Made to order.


Free DriveWorks® 2 - Drive Design Software

Use DriveWorks® 2 software from York Industries to design a two-point timing pulley drive in minutes or analyze your existing drive. Add a tensioner using interactive graphics.