PowerGrip GT®

A higher-performance tooth design for applications where accuracy is critical, such as computer printers and storage equipment, robotic, and medical diagnostic equipment.

PowerGrip GT2
PowerGrip GT® belt tooth/groove contact
HTD belt tooth/groove contact
HTD belt tooth/groove contact
Trapezoidal timing belt tooth/groove contact
Trapezoidal timing belt tooth/groove contact

PowerGrip GT2®

  • Up to 50% greater load carrying capacity over HTD and trapezoidal timing belt drives.
  • More uniform belt tooth wear.
  • Excellent registration.
  • Excellent tooth ratcheting resistance.
  • Minimal tooth wear, noise and vibration.
  • Excellent entry and exit qualities.

The Competition?

The PowerGrip GT2 belt has been tested against the competition, under equivalent conditions, at speeds up to 9,000 RPM. It outlasted the competition more than two to one. Strong fiberglass tensile cords wrapped in a durable neoprene body give it flexibility and increased service life. A deep tooth profile provides superior load carrying strength and greatly reduces ratcheting.

PowerGrip GT3®

PowerGrip GT3 is Gates' latest development in synchronous rubber belts. This new, technically advanced belt covers the widest range of industrial applications. The PowerGrip® GT3 synchronous belt transmits up to 30% more power than previous generation belts (PowerGrip® GT2). This entire belt range is suited both for new drive designs ans for replacements on existing drives without any adaptation of the system. The 2MGT, 3MGT and 5MGT pitches are ideal for compact drives on hand tools, business machines, domestic appliances, high precision servomotor drives and multiaxis applications.


Three part number on the back of the belt indicating pitch, belt length and width.


  • Technically advanced compound with fiberglass tensile cord, elastomeric teeth and backing and nylon facing.
  • Elastomeric backing protects the cords from environmental pollution and frictional wear.
  • Helically wound tensile member gives enormous strength, flex life and elongation resistance.
  • Low friction nylon facing protects the tooth surface against wear.
  • Precision-formed and accurately spaced elastomeric teeth.
  • 5MGT is silicone-free and therefore ideal for painting processes.
  • Used on GT type pulleys.


  • Substantially increased power ratings: up to 30% more than previous constructions.
  • Compact drives and less weight.
  • Positioning accuracy.
  • Improved tooth jump resistance.
  • Reduced noise levels.
  • Cost-effective, long-lasting and virtually maintenance-free.