York has designed four types of tensioners in two sizes to give you a choice of stock solutions for your drive design or configure your own.

Why Tensioners?

  • Achieve exact center distances with stock belt lengths
  • Compensate for wear or slack in the belt
  • Extend belt life and prevent slipping
  • Ease installation and servicing
  • Adjust for drive tolerances
  • Enable sharp turns in belt layout

Why York Tensioners?


  • Universal - works with any small drive
  • Slot and pivot designs available
  • Extremely low belt clearance


Cost Effective

  • Standard catalog item
  • Save cost of designing your own
  • Save tooling costs

Dynamic Pivot

  • Spring adjusts either CW or CCW
  • Dual purpose - use static or dynamic
  • Fits easily inside or outside the belt

Static Pivot

  • Smallest footprint
  • 44 degree arc of movement
  • Wide span of travel

Dynamic Slot

  • Spring adjusts as belt ages
  • Easy to adjust tension on belt
  • Unique installation bushing

Static Slot

  • The classic tensioner
  • Linear adjustment
  • Small yet very strong

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