Size 4 Dynamic Slot Tensioners

Enhanced slot tensioner design. Self adjusting, easily locks down or let it float to suit your application.

      Linear movement

      Choice of pulleys and bearings

      Spring can push or pull pulley

      Adjusts over .80 inch range

      Standard catalog item

       Features include:

        The DS-4 gives you
       .23 inch minimum idler pulley clearance
       Tensioner stroke of .25 inches
       Self contained spring with 5 pounds continuous force, withstands 15 pounds peak
       Engineered and tested for over 1 million cycles

        All York tensioners include

  Huge selection of catalog tensioners
  Universal - inside or outside tensioner
  Small footprint yet strong
  Markings to help set belt tension
  Stainless steel construction
  Aluminum or plastic idler pulleys
  Choice of flat pulley or six belt profiles: 2mm GT,
   3mm GT, MXL, 3mm HTD, 5mm HTD or XL
  Sealed ball or sleeved plastic bearings
  Captive hardware for easy installation