Size 4 Static Pivot Tensioners

Radial adjustment, smallest footprint. Ideal for tight clearances and small spaces. Choice of components.



      44° Travel

      Small Belt Clearance

      Standard catalog item

       Features include:

        The SP-4 gives you
       1.20 inch range of adjustment over 44° arc
       .18 inch minimum idler pulley clearance
       Up to 10 pounds of continuous force, withstands 15 pounds peak

        All York tensioners include

  Huge selection of catalog tensioners
  Universal - inside or outside tensioner
  Small footprint yet strong
  Markings to help set belt tension
  Stainless steel construction
  Aluminum or plastic idler pulleys
  Choice of flat pulley or six belt profiles: 2mm GT,
   3mm GT, MXL, 3mm HTD, 5mm HTD or XL
  Sealed ball or sleeved plastic bearings
  Captive hardware for easy installation