TruMotion Timing Belts

A clean-running belt to use when dust generation or marking is a concern


A clean-running belt to use when dust generation or marking is a concern. Engineered to be non-marking with 78% less dust
generation than neoprene belts. Available in 2mm GT2, 3mm GT2, 3mm HTD, 5mm HTD, .080”, 1/5”, and 3/8” pitches and uses
standard timing pulleys and sprockets. Excellent for printers and other paper path applications, as well as medical devices and clean room equipment.


  • Generates 78% less dust than neoprene belts
  • High flex life.
  • Minimizes friction losses.
  • Corrosion and abrasion resistant.
  • Quieter than urethane belts.
  • Operating temperature range from –40°F to 220°F (-40°C to 104°C).


A cream-colored, engineered high flex plastic over hardened fiberglass cord is the basis of a TruMotion belt. Tooth surfaces have an outer layer of nylon for lower friction, high wear resistance, and quiet operation. This produces a belt that generates only 22% of the dust of a neoprene belt, 7 to 10 dB less noise than urethane belts, and delivers more accurate drive registration through lower tooth wear.


  • Office automation
  • Paper paths in copiers and printers
  • Consumer products
  • Medical equipment
  • Food preparation equipment
  • Sewing machines
  • Laboratory equipment
  • DC stepper/servo devices
  • Precision locating applications


York Shaft-Saver™ Timing Pulleys prevent the usual shaft damage caused by set screws, allowing easy replacement or re-adjustment of timing pulleys in the field.

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PowerGrip GT2 AND GT3 

A higher-performance tooth design for applications where accuracy is critical, such as computer printers and storage equipment, robotics, and medical diagnostic equipment.

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A precision non-marking, ultra clean belt available in 2 mm GT, 3 mm GT, 3 mm HTD, 5 mm HTD, .080”, 1/5”, and 3/8” tooth profiles for use where cleanliness is critical. Made to order.

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