Stock Components for Synchronous Drives

We have thousands of different timing pulleys in stock and ready to ship. Most competitors’ part numbers can be cross-referenced to a York part. Download free CAD models into your design. Use York’s Center Distance Designer for your two-point drive best solution. Send us you drawing if nothing matches your requirement.

Timing Belt Pulleys

Timing Pulley Stock

A standard trapezoidal tooth design for variety of applications.

Pulley Flanges

A standard trapezoidal tooth design for variety of applications.

Timing Belts

Curvilinear tooth profile ensures an optimized load distribution leading to high power transmission in low speed and high torque applications.


York Shaft-Saver™ Timing Pulleys prevent the usual shaft damage caused by set screws, allowing easy replacement or re-adjustment of timing pulleys in the field.

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PowerGrip GT2 AND GT3 

A higher-performance tooth design for applications where accuracy is critical, such as computer printers and storage equipment, robotics, and medical diagnostic equipment.

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A precision non-marking, ultra clean belt available in 2 mm GT, 3 mm GT, 3 mm HTD, 5 mm HTD, .080”, 1/5”, and 3/8” tooth profiles for use where cleanliness is critical. Made to order.

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