York Industries serves a diverse global market, with a primary emphasis on meeting the needs of customers in the United States and Canada. Our customers are leading organizations in sectors such as medical, robotics, automation, semiconductor, packaging and sorting, industrial applications, 3D printing, and even banking. We take great pride in our role as a leading supplier of motion parts for numerous global OEMs. Here are a few notable examples of sectors that rely on our cutting-edge motion parts:


Our synchronous drive components power critical medical equipment and devices, delivering precise and dependable motion control in vital healthcare applications.

Robotics and Automation:

York Industries plays a pivotal role in driving advancements in robotics and automation, supplying components that enable accurate and fluid movements in sophisticated robotic systems.

Semiconductor Production:

We provide essential motion parts to semiconductor manufacturers, contributing to the production of advanced electronic components used in diverse technologies and devices.

Packaging and Sorting:

Our top-notch drive components facilitate efficient and precise motion control in packaging and sorting equipment, optimizing productivity and enhancing operational efficiency.

Industrial Applications:

From heavy machinery to various industrial manufacturing processes, our components enable smooth motion control, ensuring seamless operations and increased productivity.

3D Printing:

York Industries' motion parts find application in 3D printers, enabling precise and consistent movements that yield high-quality printed objects.

Food Processing:

We support the food processing industry with reliable drive components, ensuring hygienic and efficient motion control at different stages of food production and packaging.


Even in the banking sector, York Industries contributes by providing dependable motion parts for secure and accurate movement in automated banking systems.