York is the #1 Timing Pulley and Gear Manufacturer that cares about its customers!

Single Source Manufacturing from Prototype to Production

York manufactures high quality custom timing pulleys, gears and assemblies to drawing specifications. Our Engineers review all custom specifications to assure manufacturable parts.

One on One Customer Service

We know our customers. You will have a single, dedicated customer service representative... someone who knows who you are and is experienced with your needs and preferences. As one customer said: York really does jump through hoops for their customers!

Quality Manufacturing

Quality is not only our goal but the rule. From review of prints to final inspection we ensure your orders are manufactured with award-winning precision and on-time delivery.


Free DriveWorks® 2 - Drive Design Software

Use DriveWorks® 2 software from York Industries to design a two-point timing pulley drive in minutes or analyze your existing drive. Add a tensioner using interactive graphics.

Shaft-Saver™ Timing Pulleys

Timing Pulley on a pulley shaft

York Shaft Saver™ Pulleys prevent the usual shaft damage caused by set screws, allowing easy replacement or re-adjustment of timing pulleys in the field.